Cancellation Policy:

A cancellation made by the Renter shall be in writing and addressed to Winking Rosebud Retreat at PO Box 101, 5000 Sherwood Road, Portland, ON, K0G 1V0. Cancellation can also be emailed and will be considered accepted once a confirmation reply is received. On receipt of such notice of cancellation, we shall endeavor to re-book the holiday accommodation for the period of the original booking.

If we are successful in rebooking the holiday accommodation for the entire period originally booked, we will refund to the Renter all monies paid (whether deposit or full payment has been made) less an administration fee of $100.00 per period booked.

If we are only able to book part of the holiday then we will make a partial refund based on the percentage of the original booking. 

If we are unable to re-book your holiday accommodation, then all monies paid by the Renter (whether deposit or full payment has been made) shall be refunded as follows: 

50% if cancelled 120 days prior to the Check-in Date
25 % if cancelled 90 days prior to the Check-in Date

No refund if cancelled less than 90 days prior to Check-in Date

If we are unable to rent the Property, due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster, we will attempt to arrange alternative holiday accommodation of a similar type and cost and standard and in a similar location as that originally requested by the Renter. 

The Owners reserve the right to cancel this Rental Agreement at any time.

Rental includes exclusive use of the cottage and property for the rental period for recreational purposes only.. No commercial, illegal, or other activity shall be carried on at the property. The Renters may not sublet or assign this rental agreement. Renters shall abide with all local by-laws and ensure that adjacent property owners or renters shall have the quiet enjoyment of their properties.

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