The Winking Rosebud Retreat was built in 2008 by an incredible cortege of creative young artisans and local builders. With the license to create, the Winking Rosebud Retreat has some of the most spectacular decks, docks, doors, railings, and gates that can be seen anywhere on the Rideau. And they are all here at the Winking Rosebud Retreat for you to enjoy! If you’re planning on taking pictures, you’re in for a treat. And all that before you even walk through the hand carved wooden door that braces the front entrance.

The entire estate is peppered with unique hand-crafted posts and railings and artistically infused with imported Lodge Pole Pine with burls. Most of the wood used in the posts and railings are built with timbers from the Winking Rosebud Retreat Private Wildlife Reserve.
The Main Lodge incorporates landscaped blended architecture with the landscape enveloping the building’s shell with its trees and variegated foliage. The interior frames the surrounding outdoors and the view through every window is a picture.
Inside the Main Lodge is an exquisite hand-crafted bar built with imported Mapa burl from European elm, another bar built from the crotch of a walnut tree, and a black walnut staircase with a gorgeous railing.
The Lodge is almost completely ensconced in magnificent decks that cascade down to the lake, joined by rustic wood & stone walkways. Tiered down to the water, these beautiful decks also incorporate landings where guests can relax, read, and listen to the birds. And talk about picture perfect… doesn’t get better than this for wedding photography.
At the Water’s Edge there is a beautiful long dock and a swim raft with a waterslide where you can sunbathe, swim, fish, or enjoy some of the many water activities.

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Winking Rosebud Retreat
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